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ADHD Treatment

Student paying attention

ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that is typically diagnosed in childhood and often impacts individuals throughout adulthood. It is a condition that commonly impacts the ability to maintain focus and attention and complete tasks in a timely fashion. Additionally, individuals often struggle with impulse control, emotional regulation, and personal adaptability.

Common Treatment Options: 
Psychotherapy: To face common challenges such as emotional dysregulation, socially appropriate behavior, increase insight, build and maintain relationships with others and a strong sense of self.

Behavioral Therapy: To increase executive functioning skills, working memory, and a healthy lifestyle.

Parenting Education: Psycho-education related to ADHD, how to support your child, spouse, or loved one, and how to cope with your experiences throughout this journey.  

*I am not a prescriber. I do not give recommendations for medication. I support the use of medication management and will collaborate with providers upon request.*

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