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"What I am is good enough, if I would only be it openly."
- Carl Rogers

I welcome all individuals to my practice. This is a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, individuals of all body types, religion, and reproductive healthcare. The most important thing is that you feel safe and understood.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jenna! I’m a licensed clinical social worker. I am also a mother, partner, and community advocate. I believe in practical life recommendations, everything in moderation and strive for a balanced lifestyle. My pronouns are she/her.  


I practice with trauma-informed care and my clinical work is a balance of direct confrontation of the challenges in your life, while ensuring we take things one-step at a time to maximize success. Together, we will take a collaborative and problem-solving approach to reach your goals.​


I am currently taking maternity leave and will return in Fall of 2024. For perinatal clients, please check out for recommended support! 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a popular and useful therapy that was developed based on observations and research.  I use aspects of this theory to assist you in understanding the thoughts that are always popping into your mind and how they might help you or make things more difficult.  You may have asked yourself "Why did I respond that way?" Through CBT we will challenge negative thoughts and self talk that result sticking points in your life.  This is very present and problem focused on ways to replace bad thoughts and feelings with healthy and positive ones.

Psychodynamic Approach: Throughout my experience as a therapist, I have found that much of how we behave is driven by our past even if we don’t realize it at first. Using a psychodynamic approach we will are able to dive a little deeper and explore how your past experiences impact your formation of self, drives, and relationships.  A better understanding of what has made you be you will often open doors a more mindful and insightful way of life.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy:  Long-term therapy isn't for everyone. If you're goal oriented and motivated to overcome specific challenges, this is a method that I use to go after only the things that are problematic in a structured way.  We will  identify the problems, set goals, and plan each session on how to fix it.  Once that is done we are done.  If that works well for you, let's get to work.


Perinatal: Psychotherapy for women, birthing persons and non-birthing partners. Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum are often not what we imagine.  It’s challenging to balance our hopes and expectations with reality, not to mention societal expectations of parenthood. Postpartum depression/anxiety happens to both birthing and non-birthing parents. Let's work together to maintain your sense of self and your new role as a parent. I use a range of treatment modalities depending on your personality and treatment goals.

Please Note: I offer a safe space for those who have made the choice to terminate pregnancy. A loss is a loss. I am here for you.


LGBTQIA+ & TGNB Community:  I maintain a commitment to those who are LGBTQIA+ & TGNB identified and honor chosen families. You are the expert. My hope is that you will feel unconditional positive regard from me. The fluidity of your gender, orientation, pronouns, preferred names, etc. is valid and accepted here.

Family members of the LGBQ+ & TGNB Community: As a part of my commitment, I am here for you as well. I dedicate my time with you to addressing questions and concerns you may have with regards to your loved ones. I lead with psychoeducation, research, and an affirming lens. Please note:  I do not support any form of conversion therapy.

ADHD: I have worked with individuals with ADHD and many other developmental needs for over 10 years. If you are struggling with executive functioning, short-term memory, follow through on plans, I would be happy to support you. Many individuals living with ADHD benefit from emotional regulation and behavioral therapy approaches. I will always adjust my modality to your needs.

Let's Talk

My office building is conveniently located at Brighton Corners Office Park. There is off-street parking available. In-person and Telehealth offered.

1655 Elmwood Ave, Suite 220, Rochester, NY 14620


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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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